Statement of Purpose: The Arizona Hunter Jumper Association, Inc. was formed in December, 1992 to promote quality horsemanship and sportsmanship throughout all aspects of the hunter and jumper industry, to provide high levels of communication and responsibility to the general membership and bring national recognition to the state and its many fine riders and trainers.

Responsibility: The Arizona Hunter Jumper Association, Inc. was founded to serve its members and such members through their representative Board of Directors, shall have the power to amend, change, delete, or otherwise alter the rules and regulations of the Association as they see fit, as long as majority rule is maintained and all provisions of the Bylaws, Rules and Specifications are followed.


AHJA Medal Finals are fast approaching and there are STILL PLENTY of opportunities to qualify for Finals at the following shows:

  • October 9th - Copper State Horse Show, Chandler AZ
  • October 15th - Crestline Farm Show, Scottsdale, AZ
  • October 21-23 - Arizona Fall Preview, Scottsdale, AZ
  • October 28-30 - Arizona Fall Classic, Scottsdale, AZ
  • November 2-6 - Tucson Fall Festival, Tucson AZ

The AHJA board of directors met on September 12th, 2016 and voted to institute some fee changes. These type of matters are never an easy decision to make and are not taken lightly. The board felt that these changes would align AHJA more closely with other similar organizations in terms of pricing and provide additional revenue to award more scholarships for clinics and other educational experiences for our members. Starting in 2017, AHJA will begin to charge a horse recording fee for Category 1. In addition to the benefit of a new revenue stream generated from this fee for scholarships, we will also be able to better manage our horse database and ensure all horses listed are those that are still actively competing. The annual horse recording fee will be $20, or $50 for a lifetime recording. Professional members will receive a 50% discount off the recording fee. In addition to the new horse recording fee, AHJA horse show exhibitor fees will go up by $1 for both Category 1 and 2 shows. Again, the AHJA board would like to reiterate that these changes were taken very seriously, but felt that it would provide opportunities for more benefits to our members.