Photo Submission for The Chronicle of the Horse 2020 Horse Show Issue

Calling all 2019 AHJA Year-end Champions!

Bring your photo to the AHJA banquet this Sunday so we can submit them to The Chronicle of the Horse for their 2020 Horse Show issue!


  • ALL of the following information MUST be on the back or attached to all print photos. The same information should accompany digital
  • images in a document attached to or on flash drive/CD:
    • Name of the Association
    • Horse
    • Rider in the photo
    • Owner
    • Photographer's name (even if not a professional)
  • Include all the information, even for equitation classes. It helps us match the names to see if they won in other organizations. Double-check all spelling!
  • Photos should be color prints or digital color photos on flash drives or CDs. Emailed digital photos will NOT be accepted.
  • Include photos for the champions only—reserve champion photos are not used.
  • The photographer’s authorization for publication must be included with each print photograph or digital image. For some photographers we have their releases on file. However, not all photographers give blanket releases and there are instances where this release is not sufficient. Many photographers will not issue releases for prints that have been scanned and submitted digitally. If in doubt, ask your photographer. Photographers are not paid for photos in the Horse Show Issue.
  • We will only accept original photographic prints. We will not accept copies of professional photographers’ photos, proofs, scanned copies (including those sent digitally), photos that are not clear and of poor reproductive quality, or vignette prints and photos. If there is any question regarding the authenticity of a photo, we will not accept it.
  • Digital images must be minimum of 72 dpi and 4" x 6", but larger file sizes are preferred. Images smaller than this will be rejected. Please check with the photographer to see if he or she will issue a release for digital images. Screenshots, video capture, proofs or other low quality images will not be accepted.
  • If a horse or pony has won multiple championships, only one photo will be used. If a horse or pony won its division with one rider and another rider won an equitation division on that same horse or pony, the photo with the equitation rider on the horse or pony will be the one used.
  • Photos must be action shots. Do not send candid or award photos; they will be rejected. (Hunter Breeding is the exception.)
  • Photos must be of high quality and must be printed on quality photo paper. Personal photos printed on your home printer are not high enough quality and should be professionally printed at high resolution.
  • Prints must be no smaller than 3½" x 5" and no larger than 8" x 10".
  • Photos must be from the 2019 show season. If there is a sticker/stamp or copyright date on your photo that shows a year other than 2019, your photo will be rejected.
  • If your photo has a sticker on it, put there by the professional photographer who took the photo, that says it must be of a certain size before it can be published, then it must be of that size or be accompanied by a release from the photographer for that specific photo. A blanket release from the photographer does not include these photos.
  • Photos that are unauthorized copies of a professional’s photo will be rejected. We cannot accept a professional’s photo that you have scanned and re-printed or put on a CD/flashdrive. A release from the photographer does not include these photos. If there is any question regarding the authenticity of a photo, we will not accept it.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Winners of USHJA Zone and USEF Horse of the Year Awards should submit their photos directly to us if they wish to have their photos in The Chronicle's Horse Show Issue. We do not receive photos from the national organizations. If a Zone/Horse of the Year winner submits a photo for an Association championship, that photo will be used for the Zone/HOY championship and a separate photo does not need to be sent. If a horse or rider won championships in different associations, only one photo will be used.