2019 AHJA Cat 1 Medal Finals - Bulletin & Schedule Update

2019 AHJA Category 1 Medal Finals
Held at the Tucson Fall Classic Horse Show – Friday, November 8th, 2019
**UPDATE TO FINALS CLASSES HELD** Due to lack of qualified riders, the Pony Medal will be cancelled, and the Adult 3’ Medal will be combined with the Children’s 3’ Medal.
Important Reminders
-If you have qualified for 2 medal classes, you must show in the higher height medal class. 
-Trainers MUST be an AHJA member in order for their riders to participate in Medal Finals.
-Medal Finals are held at a USEF sanctioned horse show. This means by signing the entry blank, you are bound by USEF rules even if you are not currently a member. Your horse must be recorded with USEF/USHJA AND MICROCHIPPED!
-Adult amateurs must take the Safesport training if utilizing a show pass for non-USEF members or if you join USEF. All junior riders who have turned 18 since their last show must also take Safe Sport training.
Finals Qualifications Rider and rider’s trainer must be current AHJA members. Riders must have accrued a minimum of 6 points in the medal class they wish to compete in Finals for. If a rider qualifies for more than one Final, that rider must compete at the highest height for which they are qualified, Pony Medal excluded. See the AHJA rulebook at http://ahja.org/RuleBook for full qualification details and requirements. All disputes or changes will be settled or determined by the AHJA Board of Directors before the Finals commence.
Finals Format Medal Finals shall consist of a written test, two rounds over fences, and a work off the top 4 riders consisting of two or more tests. If any Medal Final Class has more than 15 competitors, only the top 12 shall return for round 2. Tied riders in the 12th position shall return. Riders with a score of ZERO in round 1 may return for round 2 if they are still among the top 12 riders returning. The total score will be calculated based on the combined score of the written test (up to 10 points), round 1 (up to 100 points), and round 2 (up to 100 points). A study guide for the written test can be found on the AHJA homepage.
Medal Finals Schedule
Thursday, November 7th, 2019
At the conclusion of the show, hacking will be permitted in the outdoor ring that will be used for medal finals. Due to show schedule constraints, there will not be a paid schooling over fences this year in that ring.   
Friday, November 8th, 2019
7 am - 8 am - AHJA Written Test (Old restaurant adjacent to big barn)
8 am - 8:50 am Course walk for 3’3” riders for Round 1 (Hunter Ring 2*)
9 am – Brunch for AHJA Medal Finals – sponsored by SWFC (Party Paddock)
9 am – AHJA Medal Finals (Hunter Ring 2*) 
  • AHJA Junior/Amateur Medal Final 3’3” - Round 1
  • Course walk for Children’s and Adult Medals 3’
  • AHJA Children’s & Adult Medal Final 3’ - Round 1
  • Course walk for Mini and Silver Stirrup Medals 2’6”
  • AHJA Mini Medal Final 2’6” - Rounds 1 & 2, Work Off, Awards
  • AHJA Silver Stirrup Medal Final 2’6 - Rounds 1 & 2, Work Off, Awards
          (Hacking will be permitted in the afternoon in the Indoor Arena (time TBA) for riders qualified for
          Round 2 of the Children’s, Adult and Junior/Amateur Medals.)
5 pm – Dinner Buffet Celebration for the 2018 AHJA Medal Finals – sponsored by AHJA (Indoor Ring**)
5 pm – AHJA Medal Finals, cont. (Indoor Ring**)
  • AHJA Children’s & Adult Medal Final 3’ - Round 2, Work Off, Awards
  • AHJA Junior/Amateur Medal Final 3’3” – Round 2, Work Off, Awards
  • Awards for High Score Medal Rider and IEA Rider, Trainer and overall Rider
*Riders in 3’3” and 3’ medals will use Hunter 2 for Round 1, and the Indoor Arena (starting at 5 pm) for Round 2 & work off. Riders in the 2’6” and Pony Medals will use Hunter 2 for Rounds 1 & 2, and work off.
**Rings are subject to change depending on time constraints, weather conditions, and other circumstances.