2.1a General

  1. The pointing of all AHJA shows is from December 1 through November 30. Shows that begin on or before November 30 will count for the current year regardless of the end date of the show.
  2. All Category 1 shows must be USEF approved and rated Premier (AA), National (A), Regional I (B) or Regional II (C) or Local.
  3. All Category 2 Shows are unrated by USEF.
  4. All AHJA shows must be located in Arizona.
  5. Category 1: No shows on the same date will be approved that are within 125 driving miles of each other.
  6. No Category 2 shows on the same date will be approved that are within 75 diving miles of each other.
  7. Shows may not be approved that are in conflict with the AHJA Banquet, AHJA Clinic, AHJA Medal Finals, or USEF Zone 8 Finals (if Zone Finals are AHJA Approved). Conflicting dates must be approved by the Board of Directors.
  8. All Category 1 shows must conform to current USEF Rules. AHJA reserves the right to take disciplinary action against any show for rules and conduct violations, whether USEF takes action or not.
  9. All Category 2 shows must have a medic on the grounds for all show Sessions and paid warm up sessions. All Category 2 shows must have a Veterinarian and a Blacksmith contact number information posted. It is recommended that all shows use a USEF R or r judge or an AHJA member trainer as a judge.
  10. All AHJA approved shows must offer the AHJA Medals. Category 1 Shows must offer the Children's Medal, Adult Medal, Junior-Amateur Medal and Mini Medal. Category 2 shows must offer the Category 2 Child and Adult Medal and in addition may offer any of the Category 1 Medals. Category 1 shows held over multiple days may offer the Medals on more than one occasion as long as they are held on separate days with a different judge.